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Pyjama Girl The Pyjama Girl mystery captured the world's attention. In 1934 a farmer was leading a prize bull home on a road about seven kilometres out of Albury when saw something shoved inside a storm water culvert. It was a young woman in yellow pyjamas with an oriental dragon motif, her head wrapped in a towel and covered with a hessian sack. Having been shot, beaten badly round the head and burned the Pyjama Girl was very difficult to identify and as time went by with no identification made it was very embarrassing to police. The pyjamas, towel, sack and dental records lead nowhere. They preserved her body in a bath of formalin at Sydney University and over the years thousands of people came to view her. Enormous photographs were put on display at the Albury Show and some ground-breaking work in the area of forensic facial reconstruction was done. This photo is of the painted plaster facial reconstruction of the Pyjama Girl, modelled by New South Wales policeman, Cecil Jardine in 1938.
It took 10 years for them to identify the woman as Linda Agostini though the mother and doctor of Anna Philomena Morgan were sure that it was her. The original dental analysis was found to be faulty so now it was a match. They took the body out of its bath, dried it and made the face up to parade it in front of Linda’s friends. Linda Agostini’s husband Tony was interviewed again and confessed. He claimed that he awoke one morning to a gun being held to his head by Linda and in the struggle that ensued she was shot and killed. He was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years in prison of which he served 4 before being deported to Italy.

Not everyone is convinced, however, that the pyjama girl was Linda Agostini. Richard Evans claims in his book on the case (The Pyjama Girl Mystery: a true story of murder, obsession and lies) that there were many discrepancies in the evidence. Linda’s bust size, nose shape and even eye colour were different to that of the pyjama girl. Perhaps the dental evidence that helped the police finally close this highly publicised case was fabricated. You can read the book for yourself and decide.

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